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About Fariba

Fariba started dressing the world’s most prominent men in the late 80’s with the opening of her “Wana” men’s clothing store in Bond Street, London. The idea behind the store was simple: Highest Quality (the best material), Quality Craftsmanship (highest quality finish) and Service (if it can be done, it will be done).

Carrying the unique style of each individual customer, she makes the clothes to fit the person rather than other way around.

What has endeared her to the hearts of her customers is that every customer is treated equal. Be it a customer who only takes one tie set a year or a person who orders a complete new wardrobe every six months. She is seen by many if not all of her clients not as a businesswoman but a trusted friend.

Although she has designed individual pieces for ladies in the past, at the repeated request of her clients she has now decided to design clothes for women as well as children.

Being discreet goes with the territory but if you have seen a smartly dressed statesman on TV or magazines (with matching shirt and tie) chances are she is wearing Fariba’s.

Fariba has always dismissed the idea of “if you have to ask the price you are in the wrong store”. She believes that it is her duty to deliver the best possible package to suit each individual customer.